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This is a list of Vendors in Destiny.

Name Description
Agent-of-the-nine-vendoricon.png Agent of the Nine
Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios eagerly sought by adventurous Guardians.
Bounty-tracker-vendoricon.png Bounty Tracker
When a Guardian's prowess in the field is required, bounties are posted here.
Disciple-of-osiris-vendoricon.png Disciple of Osiris
Osiris seeks the strongest Guardians to stem the tide of the Darkness.
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png EMBLEM COLLECTION
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png Emblem Collection
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png Emote Collection
Emote Collection
Eris-morn-vendoricon.png Eris Morn
Among the last of those Guardians who faced Crota, Eris works in the shadows to bring about his end.
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png Exotic Armor Blueprints
Exotic Armor Blueprints
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png Exotic Weapon Blueprints
Exotic Weapon Blueprints
Crucible-quartermaster-vendoricon.png Iron Banner
The Iron Banner seeks to forge ever stronger Guardians in the fires of the Crucible.
Queens-emissary-vendoricon.png Queen's Emissary
The Queen rewards those who take up her cause, and take down her enemies.
Hunter-vanguard-vendoricon.png Research Assistant
Sent to support mysterious benefactors in their research.
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png Shader Collection
Ship-collection-vendoricon.png SHIP COLLECTION
Ship-collection-vendoricon.png Ship Collection
Ship-collection-vendoricon.png Shipwright
The shipwrights of the Tower repair and recommission the ships of the City's Guardians.
Shader-collection-vendoricon.png SPECIAL EMBLEM COLLECTION
Tower Map
A guide to the areas and allies providing assistance for your adventures beyond the safety of the City.
Vanguard-quartermaster-vendoricon.png Vanguard Quartermaster
Roni 55-30 maintains a stock of select weapons for those proven among the Vanguard.
Vault-vendoricon.png Vault
Ship-collection-vendoricon.png Vehicles