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The following is a list of all exotic Grimoire cards for Destiny.

Name Points Rarity Theme Page Description
Ghost-fragment-huntericon.png Agent of the IX 0 Exotic Allies Tower Allies
Aksor-archon-priesticon.png Aksor, Archon Priest 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
A disciple of the Prime Servitor Kaliks, Aksor initiated brutal crusades against human settlements beyond the City and ravaged countless Awoken enclaves throughout the Reef. When the Queen waged her war against the Wolves, Aksor was taken alive and sealed into the infamous Prison of Elders. Killing Aksor before he can join the ranks of the House of Winter weakens the Fallen, strengthens ties to the Reef, and brings the City one step closer to gaining a solid foothold along the Shattered Coast.
Alak-hul-the-darkbladeicon.png Alak-Hul, the Darkblade 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
From a median point Alak-Hul tossed back his head and defied me Saying: Oryx gave me no task Therefore I must task myself With Oryx's ending. So I slew him, And buried him close to me, Rejoicing in the success of his great, secret task — To be as the sword: Keen, hungry, cyclical, ontological — This was the task I gave to Alak-Hul, O sharp-edged Darkblade, O beloved foster son.
Black-spindleicon.png Black Spindle 0 Exotic Inventory Special Weapons
The followers of Crota swing Hammers, Sing death-songs: Fatal. Final. Absolute. Ir Halak and Ir Anûk laugh at Crota. Finality is a child's plaything, Fit for one such as Crota, They say. No Hammer for the Unraveler and the Weaver, But a Spindle, wound with woe. For their foes, No end of suffering.
Calcified-fragments-insighticon.png Calcified Fragments: Insight 15 Exotic Enemies Darkness
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Crota-son-of-oryxicon.png Crota, Son of Oryx 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
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Crucible-introductionicon.png Crucible Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Crucible Playlists
The Crucible is a series of grueling challenges that pit Guardians against one another in open combat. Crucible combat is live-fire, with Ghosts standing by to save the dead. Whether alone or with a Fireteam, Guardians enter the Crucible to hone vital survival skills, build their own reputations, and win the patronage of City factions. Most importantly, the Crucible allows Guardians to train against formidable adversaries without fear of disaster.
Draksis-winter-kellicon.png Draksis, Winter Kell 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Draksis, Kell of the Wintership Simiks-fel, has been an elusive target for the Vanguards. After his countless raids on jumpship reclamation convoys, Cayde-6 personally upped the bounty on him. With confirmed sightings of the Kell in the Ishtar Sink, the time to strike is now. Defeating Draksis could throw Winter into chaos. With Simiks Prime allegedly already lost, the House leadership would be gutted - although proof of the Servitor's demise remains elusive.
Ghost-fragment-huntericon.png Exploration Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Other Activities
Ghost-fragment-darkness-4icon.png Ghost Fragment: Darkness 4 15 Exotic Enemies Darkness
This war is all there is for you. What else do you have? You walk among mortals and immortals, a creature lost in time. Your only purpose is the struggle. Does it seem unfair? To be brought back into this, the end of days, the long dwindling exhalation of an ancient corpse? You were at peace. Now you are a dead husk charged with war. Do you remember anything of freedom? Fight on, then. The war IS everything. But consider the choices before you.
Ghost-fragment-human-4icon.png Ghost Fragment: Human 4 15 Exotic Guardian Races
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Ghost-fragment-legendsicon.png Ghost Fragment: Legends 15 Exotic Allies Legends & Mysteries
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Ghost-fragment-legends-3icon.png Ghost Fragment: Legends 3 15 Exotic Allies Legends & Mysteries
After great deliberation it was determined that the Ahamkara be made extinct. It was not an easy decision. Power had been obtained from the bargains, and the City needed power. Knowledge had been gleaned, and the Ahamkara knew answers to questions no one had known to ask. But the price was too high. And no edict or forbearance seemed to stop Guardians from seeking them out, driven by hope, or vengeance, or despair. The call had to be silenced. So the Great Hunt did its work. And thus the Ahamkara were made extinct, their call silenced, their solipsistic flatteries erased, their great design - if it ever existed - broken. Of this you can be assured, oh reader mine.
Ghost-fragment-mysteries-2icon.png Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 2 15 Exotic Allies Legends & Mysteries
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Ghost-fragment-rasputin-3icon.png Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3 15 Exotic Allies Rasputin
V120NNI800CLS000 CLEAR MORNING OUTCRY AI-COM/RSPN: ASSETS//FORCECON//IMPERATIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION ORDER This is an ALL ASSETS IMPERATIVE (unsecured/OUTCRY) CAUTERIZE. DISPERSE. ESTIVATE. Total strategic collapse imminent. FENRIR HEART reports complete operational mortality. SURTR DROWN in progress but negative effect. Forecasts unanimously predict terminal VOLUSPA failure. As of CLS000 a HARD CIVILIZATION KILL EVENT is in progress across the operational area. I am declaring YUGA SUNDOWN effective on receipt (epoch reach/FORCECON variant). Cancel counterforce objectives. Cancel population protection objectives. Format moral structures for MIDNIGHT EXIGENT. Execute long hold for reactivation. AI-COM/RSPN SIGNOFF STOP STOP STOP V120NNI800CLS001
Ghost-fragment-rasputin-5icon.png Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5 15 Exotic Allies Rasputin
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Ghost-fragment-the-hellmouth-2icon.png Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth 2 15 Exotic Places Moon
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Ghost-fragment-the-queen-2icon.png Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2 15 Exotic Allies The Queen
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Golgorothicon.png Golgoroth 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Speak to the heart with burrowing things The burrowing things will strengthen the heart You, ab-Xol, you teach the new flesh out of the old Xol issued you to eat us The new flesh will be testament O Eir, decree the shape of this new thing Judge its testament to the last truth This new shape is Golgoroth Crota rose to petition Father, cut the shapes into a tablet Give me the tablet I will bear it in battle And tithe one side of my sword to you Oryx cut the shapes into a tablet But he guarded the shapes He set the tablet in Golgoroth Where the new flesh grew as Eir decreed it Like ice on a stone he rebuked Crota, From the temples of his son, from the left of his blade in battle, he demanded tithings of violence To Oryx, the First Navigator, who directed the movements of great masses
Gulrot-uncleanicon.png Gulrot, Unclean 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
That the Worm Keepers held within the Prison of Elders would even attempt such a delicate metamorphosis so far removed from the full resources of their Summoning Pits speaks to either desperation or madness. Challenge the Worm Keepers and cure the Prison of the hulking sickness they have birthed, or drown in the bile and mess of a festering abomination.
Ir-halak-deathsingericon.png Ir Halak, Deathsinger 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Oryx was dividing the spawn he cut apart the larvae with his sword And the two divided pieces Grew into twins. She who stands ahead at the prow of the ship of Oryx, her father, she is Ir Halak, The Unraveler. She plies her blades upon the fabric of space, cuts the seams, pulls apart the cloth, leaves worlds in tatters.
Kagooricon.png Kagoor 15 Exotic Enemies The Taken
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Kaliks-rebornicon.png Kaliks Reborn 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Kit-bashed using parts and pieces of lesser Servitors, Kaliks Reborn is fueled by servants so loyal to the rule of the long-lost Kaliks Prime that they would sacrifice their own ether to the last fume. Kaliks Reborn is seen by these devout prisoners as the resurrection of their Prime. With a Kaliks to serve, the Fallen may rally, the Wolves may gain new strength. Or worse, a new House may rise—a House blinded by faith and hungry to be seen as equal.
L-wormfoodicon.png L: Wormfood 15 Exotic Enemies Books of Sorrow
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Legend-saint-14icon.png Legend: Saint-14 15 Exotic Allies Legends & Mysteries
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Mida-multi-toolicon.png MIDA Multi-Tool 0 Exotic Inventory Primary Weapons
Few weapons are balanced this precisely. Once you get a feel for the Multi-Tool it will sit weightlessly in your hand. Firing it will feel less like an action and more like an extension of your will.
Might-of-crotaicon.png Might of Crota 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Toland: When a god's Will is met with force, its Might will be unleashed in the form of those raging beasts we call the ogre—monsters bred of pain, tormented by the Light, nothing but hatred for all who bring its suffering forth. Eris: And how do you know this? Toland: It was told to me. Eris: By the Speaker? Toland: By the Darkness itself.
Motes-of-lighticon.png Motes of Light 15 Exotic Inventory Economy
The Speaker has no interest in Glimmer, Marks, or the other currencies of the Tower's military functions. But he happily accepts these Motes, points of Light willed into being by an exercise of a mighty Guardian's power. Some say they will one day become the souls of new Ghosts. Others believe they feed the intricate machinery that the Speaker tends. Whatever the case, the Speaker will happily reward donors with patterns and signs from his collection - more out of gratitude than any mercantile impulse.
Mystery-the-vault-of-glass-3icon.png Mystery: The Vault of Glass 3 10 Exotic Allies Legends & Mysteries
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Omnigul-will-of-crotaicon.png Omnigul, Will of Crota 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Eris: Those screams. Omar: And I was just starting to tune them out. Toland: It has been told that with these screams another spawn is awakened, birthed in the name of the god it holds. Sai: Crota. Toland: I am afraid so. They call this one Omnigul, mother of the spawn. Sai: How do you—? I'd rather not know. Toland: Commands, echoed through the dark, fetid caverns—orders carried out with grinding stone and squeaking claw, skittering thrall and blade against bone. Omar: Well, now he's on a roll. Eriana-3: I hear them, even when I don't. I will tear this Omnigul's throat out. Toland: If you were to do so, our work here would be done. Without a Will to raise its army and herald its ascendance, there is no Crota to fear, at least here and now. Eris: Then we follow the screams.
Oryx-defeatedicon.png Oryx: Defeated 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Dwell a moment on the weight of what you’ve done. Contemplate the story you just ended. Will you ever do anything that screams down the millennia? Will you ever hammer your will on the universe until it rings and rings and rings? Oryx was an awesome power. Show reverence. All right. Enough. Enough. A vacancy has opened, hasn’t it? How interesting. How very interesting. Do you ever pause, dear listener, to consider who benefits from all this heroism you commit? Do you ever look around you and feel the faintest chill? As if you are the tiny little ball bearing placed beneath a great mass, so that it might, if pushed, begin to roll? You’re a god yourself, now. You’ve consecrated yourself. Emulate me. Use your power to learn. There are worse things to practice being.
Overmind-minotauricon.png Overmind Minotaur 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
The Overmind Minotaurs arrived at the Prison as extensions of the Gate Lord, Qodron. Their mission: to act in accordance to the path of Qodron and see that Gate Lord's future is secured.
Patrols-introductionicon.png Patrols Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Other Activities
Some Guardians roam the wastelands in search of adventure. For decades they have placed beacons across the frontier, so that our allies in the Tower can transmit requests to those out in the wilds. There are ancient mysteries buried in the ruins, great treasures of our Golden Age to seek. There are fearsome enemies to be slaughtered, their secrets and technology to be brought home and studied. Only Guardians can push through the Darkness to reach these contested areas, and this makes their particular expertise very valuable to those bound by the City's walls.
Phogoth-the-untamedicon.png Phogoth, the Untamed 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Phogoth's presence in the Summoning Pits reveals yet another of the Hive's depraved designs - a ritual of rebirth, where an Ogre's ravenous hunger and violence is honed and given purpose.
Pilot-servitoricon.png Pilot Servitor 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Pilot Servitors were not typically utilized as combatants in Fallen battle plans. Their purpose was manning the flight of various Fallen ships, from crew transports to massive war-barges. During the Reef Wars, however, Skolas crafted brutal new tactics to inflict maximum destruction upon the Awoken, including suicide attacks led by Pilot Servitors. With the wounds of the Reef Wars renewed by the House of Wolves' betrayal, the Queen no longer abides their presence in her Reef.
Prohibitive-mindicon.png Prohibitive Mind 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
Vex Axis Minds are individual Vex hulls that contain local instances of superordinate Vex goal sets. This cryptic phrase means something reasonably simple - the Axis Mind contains a copy of all the information required to pursue a particular objective. This allows other nearby Vex to focus on their local tasks, leaving global planning to the Axis Mind. Of course, this also introduces a centralized weakness for enemies to target. But the Vex seem to consider the tradeoff worthwhile. The Prohibitive Mind seems to coordinate Vex action against Cabal positions in Meridian Bay. The current Vex operational plan - to the extent that we assume the Vex have operational plans - appears to involve an attritional campaign on the surface, supplemented by disruptive use of gates to bypass Cabal hardpoints.
Public-events-introductionicon.png Public Events Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Other Activities
Our enemies never rest. If the City is to reclaim its lost worlds, Guardians must band together to stop our foes from completing their objectives. The City trusts its Guardians to assess the situation - whether a Fallen extraction crew, a Cabal demolition team, a Hive ritual, a mysterious Vex behavior, or something stranger yet - and engage or retreat as you see fit. Every battle won is another victory against the Darkness. But our foes will send their strongest, and they may be too much to overcome alone. Guardians who band together will survive to tell stories of their triumph. Watch the skies. When the enemy moves, look to the Guardians beside you, comrades and strangers alike.
Qodron-gate-lordicon.png Qodron, Gate Lord 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
Qodron sees only its own glorious future. It has come to the Prison of Elders, with an army of devout Vex war-machines, to take what it believes to be its first steps toward that future. This machine beast has only one mission. At some point a Light will shine within the walls of this Prison, and for its gloried future to unfold, that Light must die. Qodron is not the prisoner here. You are, Guardian.
Raids-introductionicon.png Raids Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Raids
Some evils you cannot fight alone. Join with other brave Guardians to quest deep into the heart of Darkness and confront threats beyond imagination. Steel yourself. You will be tested to the very edge of your strength.
Ghost-fragment-huntericon.png Riksis, Archon Slayer 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Riksis-devil-archonicon.png Riksis, Devil Archon 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Archons are revered amongst the Fallen. It is unknown whether these high priests are the caretakers of the Prime Servitors, or simply vicious arbiters of the Primes' will. Riksis collects the skulls of dead Guardians. Whether he keeps them as trophies or presents them as offerings to whatever Prime he serves, his threat is very real, and his death will bring great joy to a City in need of hope.
Saber-2icon.png S.A.B.E.R.-2 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Reports show this vastly modified Shank and its defense armaments are enough to force the Vanguard to strike, but it is the tech underneath its layers of armor, cobbled together from Cosmodrome debris and cannibalized Servitor parts that is most concerning. All intel points to modifications made specially by rising Archons to breach the Warmind's firewalls and seize control of its systems.
Sardok-eye-of-oryxicon.png Sardok, Eye of Oryx 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
There are whispers of shrines to the fabled Oryx peppered across the entire system. Stories tell of walking nightmares, protectors of bone and fury, towering over these prized chambers.
Sekrion-nexus-mindicon.png Sekrion, Nexus Mind 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
The Vanguard's intelligence sources now believe, with good confidence, that Sekrion oversees the expansion of the Vex network through the crust of Venus. The Hydra chassis common to many Vex Axis Minds boasts impressive computational capacity. Sekrion likely uses this capacity to regulate coordination and crosstalk between Minotaurs operating in the construction role. Destroying Sekrion should significantly hamper the Vex effort to incorporate the entire planet into their network.
Sepiks-primeicon.png Sepiks Prime 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Floating, emotionless arbiters of life and death, Servitors are quasi-religious automata defended by the Fallen with zealous ferocity. The exalted Servitor of the Fallen House of Devils, Sepiks Prime, has long been rumored to dwell deep within the bowels of the Cosmodrome. While the Kells are the political leaders of the Fallen, Servitors are said to be their gods - and the source of their life-sustaining ether. A Prime Servitor is a target worthy of even the greatest sacrifice. Those willing to accept such a challenge will have the eternal gratitude of a City desperate for relief. Sepiks Prime relies on fanatical reinforcements and its own considerable tactical abilities - including a short-range teleport and a powerful directed energy weapon. Aim for the eye, and break contact if it turns your way.
Skolas-capturedicon.png Skolas: Captured 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
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Skolas-defeatedicon.png Skolas: Defeated 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
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Sleeper-simulanticon.png Sleeper Simulant 0 Exotic Inventory Special Weapons
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Sol-progenyicon.png Sol Progeny 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
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Story-activity-introductionicon.png Story Activity Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Story: Earth, Old Russia
You are a Guardian. You choose your own path. Before you lie the worlds of our broken past, overrun by nature, claimed by Darkness and alien intent. There are secrets to uncover, alliances to forge, and implacable foes to vanquish. What will your legend say?
Strange-coinsicon.png Strange Coins 15 Exotic Inventory Economy
Each coin rings with a faint, sharp hush - as if it has touched the sounds around it with the edge of silence. These could buy incredible things, in the right hands. Whispers say the faceless creature who sometimes comes to the Tower covets them above all else.
Strikes-introductionicon.png Strikes Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Strikes
Our enemies hide among our lost worlds, plotting to ensure our extinction. But the Vanguard keeps a vigilant watch on places where the creatures of the Darkness grow strongest, and seeks Guardians bold enough to join forces to face them.
Swarm-princesicon.png Swarm Princes 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
The Swarm Princes are terrible legends. It was their will that forged the Sword of Crota, a weapon meant to ravage worlds - the Great Render of Light, the Darkest Edge. They have waited in the shadows of the Hellmouth for their master's return, guarding the Sword and sating its ravenous hunger with the Light of Guardians who have dared to challenge them.
Taniks-the-scarredicon.png Taniks, the Scarred 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Taniks, the Scarred, a mercenary known for the theft of Aksor from the Prison of Elders and the murder of Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask, sells his services to any Fallen House willing to pay the right price. It is believed by the Fallen that he is undying, a living huntsman whose physical self is joined with a mix of technologies, each pilfered from legendary treasure troves. But treasure is not the only currency of value to Taniks. His true ambitions rest in the challenge of the feats in front of him, and the rewards simply allow him to exist free of any Kell’s rule.
Thalnok-fanatic-of-crotaicon.png Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Laugh and laugh at Thalnok! He is easily deceived He will never hear this song Diminished in sense Small of purpose In all ways Thalnok mantles Crota, My Son He comes to the High War, My Court Greedy to hear me say Welcome, child My Son Crota, Hope-Eater, I taught him with cold edge and spiteful word To ask for nothing I create Thalnok to My Court So that I may observe my son by faithful, foolish proxy Listen — The last true shape depends on, asks for, venerates nothing
The-exo-strangericon.png The Exo Stranger 15 Exotic Allies The Exo Stranger
Stories of an Exo who walks in the Darkness without a Ghost have long haunted the Tower. Legends say this anomaly dissolves in and out of the world, intangible and elusive, as if she is a visitor from somewhere beyond. Some believe she's the last of an ancient Exo squadron, fighting a long-forgotten war. Others dismiss her as a hallucination caused by exposure to Vex technology. But there are those who maintain that her intervention saved their lives - or averted unspeakable catastrophes.
The-fate-of-all-foolsicon.png The Fate of all Fools 0 Exotic Inventory Primary Weapons
The weapon gathers data on the target from the impact and spall of solid body shots, setting up a devastating final hit.
The-forsakenicon.png The Forsaken 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
How does one call through the Darkness? Through the void of the eternal night sky? Through the pathways that link the Hive to their ancient, rotting deities? With suffering. The Forsaken are conjured and birthed through ritual, meant to serve as worship to gods of a higher plane of misery. To perform a ritual of sacrifice is to tempt a god's hunger. What then, if a being of the Light were to taint such a ritual? Would the Hive be punished? Would their gods grow angry?
The-gorgonsicon.png The Gorgons 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
Deep in the Vault of Glass, the fabric of reality bends to the will of the Vex. Warlocks speak in tones of awe of the Gorgons - creatures that seem to possess a dreaded, almost unimaginable strength: an ontological weapon. Like the Oracles and the Templar, the Gorgons reputedly possess the ability to define what is and is not real. Whatever they perceive becomes subject to erasure at their will. Until a countermeasure can be found, Guardians must avoid their gaze at all costs - or reply to any detection with immediate, overwhelming force. The Gorgons' ability must be tied to the nature of the Vault of Glass. We can take some solace in the clear fact that the Vex cannot manifest this power in the world outside.
The-lighthouseicon.png The Lighthouse 15 Exotic Places Mercury
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The-psion-flayersicon.png The Psion Flayers 15 Exotic Enemies Cabal Command
Somewhere among their forces, the Cabal hide one of their most powerful weapons, the Psion Flayers. The extent of their ability is still uncharted, but Cryptarch studies and Warlock fears have led the Vanguard to classify them as a serious threat. Many among the Warlock orders believe the Flayers pulled Phobos from its natural orbit, holding it in place, waiting for the order to release as a weapon.
The-queenicon.png The Queen 15 Exotic Allies The Queen
The Queen of the Awoken is as much an enigma as the Reef she rules. It is said that she won her crown through ruthlessness, and that she stands as master of the Fallen House of Wolves in place of their defeated Kell. The City's rise spells an end to the Reef's age of isolation. The Queen will surely look to this new era as an opportunity. And the City, in turn, must look to her. The Reefborn Awoken have spent long ages out on the edge of everything, and they may know secrets of terrible weight - the Queen most of all.
The-silent-fangicon.png The Silent Fang 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Commanded by the fearsome Drevis, Wolf Baroness, the Silent Fang are a unit of elite stealth warriors and assassins. Instrumental in Skolas' rise to kellship among the Wolves, the Silent Fang also menaced the Queen during the Reef War. It was Drevis and the Silent Fang who razed Amethyst, and then tricked the Queen's Armada at the Battle of Iris. Though the Silent Fang suffered a serious blow when Drevis was finally thrown in the Prison of Elders after the Siege of Pallas, they continued to threaten the Queen's forces until the war's end.
The-speakericon.png The Speaker 15 Exotic Allies Tower Allies
There has always been a Speaker, an anonymous high priest with a mysterious and powerful connection to the Traveler and its Ghosts. In all the centuries of the City's history, the Speaker's great work has never changed - to guide new Guardians, heal the Traveler, and raise our crippled protector from its slumber.
The-templaricon.png The Templar 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
Even among the Axis Minds, the Templar is extraordinary. Fragmentary glimpses and scattered reports suggest a Hydra of impossible capabilities - a creature out of time. The Templar and the Oracles guard the way into the deeper Vault. Legends say that the Oracles foresee what is to come, a world as the Vex desire it - and that the Templar has the power to shape reality to match the Oracles' design, expunging any threats. The power of the Vault flows through the Templar. It will take something extraordinary to shatter its shield.
The-towericon.png The Tower 15 Exotic Places The City
The Tower is the only home many Guardians ever know. To the people of the City, it stands as a promise that we can endure. The merchants and citizens who fill its plazas and halls are as dedicated to the reclamation of our worlds as the Guardians who venture into the Darkness beyond.
The-warpriesticon.png The Warpriest 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Five hundred and eighty five times he paced the way Under each circuit was a world He took up the worlds, he placed them in his hand, he weighed them From the Golden Amputation to the Gift Mast The principle he put upon his brow was slaughter constant and escalating The principle he put behind his eyes was victory which is the last true shape The principle he put into his hands was tribute — to Oryx, King of Taking Tithing to his Lord, that the First Navigator might escape the need to kill for subsistence, the worm need That He might use His power to lead the final work A most faithful servant. Most faithful. From mighty Crota, Son of Navigation, Sword of Pits, He learned to make his Oversoul Saying: challenge me, by the law of my ascendance Match me in bloodshed Or in blood be drowned
Theosyion-the-restorative-mindicon.png Theosyion, the Restorative Mind 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
The appearance of the Restorative Mind purports that the death of the Nexus Mind was a devastating blow to Vex efforts on Venus. But with its appearance comes many questions: if the Vex could unleash time as a weapon against humanity, why does humanity still stand? Are we so insignificant a threat that the Vex haven’t bothered with total annihilation? Or is it that the very state of mankind, diminished to a Last City, is of Vex doing? That the Vanguard exists in a causal loop that the Vex control in its entirety, one from which there is no escape?
Touch-of-maliceicon.png Touch of Malice 0 Exotic Inventory Primary Weapons
Here am I, with the power to craft from my enemy's darkest secrets a weapon that could wound them at their core! So what stays my hand? When I behold the interiority of these cold, cold fragments, I see blind, squirming creatures. Every wound they give, they feel also upon themselves. Every bite they tear from the Light only deepens, never fills, the raging emptiness behind their terrible mouths. The voices are as loud as ever. My nightmares just as bitter. My coal-black hatred burns as hot. But I feel something else now. Could it be... No! I refuse it. I will build this weapon.
Urrox-flame-princeicon.png Urrox, Flame Prince 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
Prince to none, Urrox kept watch over a long-forgotten brood long ago. With the remnants of that spawn at his side, Urrox calls out to all wielders of the Light— to burn away all they are until only the Darkness remains.
Vekis-king-baronicon.png Vekis, King Baron 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Prince Uldren: Of the Kell of Kings, we know nothing. Wherever, whoever it is, it remains hidden, even when the so-called Kell of Kells comes to its borders. Instead, it sends just two Barons: Paskin and Vekis. Yasmin Eld: What do we have on them? Petra Venj: Should I issue bounties on them? Prince Uldren: No, you do not see. Perhaps if we wait, Paskin and Vekis will do our work for us. Yasmin Eld: You believe Paskin and Vekis are not ambassadors? Prince Uldren: I am sure of it. Shuro Chi: Be certain, my prince, that your assessment is free of personal bias. Prince Uldren: What are you suggesting, Shuro?
Wanted-skolas-kell-of-kellsicon.png WANTED: Skolas, Kell of Kells 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Hunted
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Weekly-strike-challenges-introductionicon.png Weekly Strike Challenges Introduction 0 Exotic Activities Strikes
Our enemies thrive among the Darkness, and where it gathers the Light will face great challenges. Expect to face the enemy's elite under shifting, dangerous conditions.
Wretched-knighticon.png Wretched Knight 15 Exotic Enemies Exalted Hive
As the Worm Keepers wrestled for control of the disparate broods within the Prison of Elders it was the Wretched Knights they turned to as their enforcers. The Worm Keepers solidified their hold over the Wretched Knights by promising them the spoils of the Light. After growing weary of the Awoken, the newly arrived Guardians have finally secured their loyalty.
Xlix-forever-and-a-bladeicon.png XLIX: Forever And A Blade 15 Exotic Enemies Books of Sorrow
I considered returning to Fundament. Learning what became of the God-Wave, and the Tungsten Monoliths, and the continents which were all that remained of my people’s primal home. But I know what became of all that. It became me. I am the heir of Fundament, the immortal descendant of those ten-year krill. I asked a question: how can we live in the universe long enough to understand it? And I learned the answer, which is written here in this book. I learned that I had to become most ruthless of all. I don’t know where the Darkness-which-is-the-Deep came from, nor the Traveler that I hunt. But I will learn. I will learn. This is my inheritance, my estate: eternity, infinity, the whole universe beneath my sword. This is what I rule: forever and a blade.
Xlvii-apocalypse-refrainsicon.png XLVII: Apocalypse Refrains 15 Exotic Enemies Books of Sorrow
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Xlviii-aiat-aiat-aiat-aiat-aiaticon.png XLVIII: aiat, aiat, aiat, aiat, aiat 15 Exotic Enemies Books of Sorrow
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Xxxiv-more-beautiful-to-knowicon.png XXXIV: More beautiful to know 15 Exotic Enemies Books of Sorrow
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Xxxv-this-love-is-waricon.png XXXV: This Love Is War 15 Exotic Enemies Books of Sorrow
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Yavek-wolf-baronicon.png Yavek, Wolf Baron 15 Exotic Enemies Fallen Leadership
Yavek was a minor lieutenant of Skolas' during the Reef Wars who evaded capture after the Cybele Uprising. After Skolas returned to the House of Wolves, he named Yavek a Baron to reward his loyalty, and sent him to Earth to be his negotiator with the Houses of Kings and Devils.
Zydron-gate-lordicon.png Zydron, Gate Lord 15 Exotic Enemies Vex Axis Minds
The intelligence we call Zydron seems to exist in a liminal state, stretched between gates in the Vex network. It manifests as a physical being only when called. Warlock scholars believe that Gate Lords regulate traffic between Vex gates, and that their minds contain codes that might open the way into forbidden realms. An enormous amount of hope and anger has been spent on a particular debate - could we find a Vex gate that opens onto a place and time before the Collapse, and somehow forestall it?
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