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Mankind's cradle, full of shattered glory, ready to be reclaimed.
Planetary Class:
Orbiting Body
Nearest Neighbour:
Faction Controlled:
Guardian (Partial)

Earth is the home planet of humanity, and is a planet of ruins. With the exception of The City, a metropolis rebuilt following extraterrestrial attack, Earth is constantly under attack by alien species and is a place of danger, death, and destruction. The Guardians, in confluence with the Traveler, protect Earth with the hopes of reclaiming the planet for humankind.

"The wilderness beyond the walls of the City are ruined and corrupted, claimed by nature and our enemies. From the war-torn fortresses of the Twilight Gap to the skyward steppes of Old Russia, evidence of our lost glory still litters the Earth, waiting to be rediscovered."

The following are confirmed and speculated locations on Earth proper.

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