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Classes (Destiny 2)

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There are three classes on Destiny 2, all of which are holdovers from the first Destiny.

Classes[edit | edit source]

  • Hunter - Quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade, Hunters stalk the battlefields. They are cunning and ruthless, taking big risks for bigger rewards.
    • Arcstriker - Flow like lightning. Strike like thunder.
    • Gunslinger - A lone wolf who lives for the perfect shot.
  • Titan - Pillars of strength which no force can move, Titans protect their allies and drive the frontline until their enemies are no more.
    • Sentinel - Valiant heart, unwavering resolve.
    • Striker - At close quarters, a fist is better than any gun.
  • Warlock - Warrior-scholars of the Light, Warlocks hold an arsenal of deadly secrets. On the battlefield, those secrets can shatter reality itself.
    • Dawnblade - Spread your wings and set the sky ablaze.
    • Voidwalker - From the smallest atoms bloom the greatest explosions.